Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe | All You Need To Know about Turkey Recipe

Last Thanksgiving Day I have tried this thanksgiving turkey recipe. It was a the first time as I got tired to always let someone else doing all the work and thus getting all the pleasures out of this beautiful day which is Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe

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This thanksgiving turkey recipe was as it goes:

The turkey was organic, farm raised, natural, fresh, not frozen at Whole Foods (organic, free range, fresh turkey), 5kg.

I washed it, I wiped it with paper towels, I added salted it, pepper, I put sweet paprika on it and in the cavity, then I added aromatic herbs: sage, rosemary, thyme in the cavity and under the skin.

I did not prick the meat so the juice does not come off.

I put garlic cloves under the skin and slices of mandarin in the cavity.

I sprinkled it with olive oil and put it with its chest up in a double tray with a grate on top. Then I added 2 cups of water in the tray so the flowing turkey juices does not burn. Until now the turkey was on the tray above and not in the water (makes sense?).

I put the turkey in the hot oven at 230C for 30-40 minutes, then I covered the turkey`s chest with aluminum foil and I still held it 2 more hours at 175C.

And it that being said my thanksgiving turkey recipe came to an end. It was very tasty. We eat only half of it in the first day and the other half the next day.